Journal of There is the manifestation of an individual's journey through the world. My name is Keith and I lead a somewhat interesting life. I share my experiences here, sometimes documented, sometimes embellished. This is my travel journal, my photo blog, my evidence of life experience, and also an experiment in storytelling. The belief here is that one man's adventure is worth some attention, that grander truths can be gleaned from a character's trajectory, and that efforts in self-expression offer something deeper than mere navel-gazing. 

I want a life full of thoughtfulness and soul. I want an aesthetic of lightness, of minimalist tendencies as antidote to overcrowded mental spaces. I want stories meditative and curious, through-lines and narratives spun out of the messes that daily life produces. I want life to be perfect, and in its place, I'll aim for an art that attempts it.

Keith Telfeyan

Journal of There is managed & edited by Keith Telfeyan. Keith was born in Sacramento, California to an Angelino mother and New Yorker father. He studied Film and Philosophy at UC Berkeley. He has an MFA from Parsons the New School for Design. He currently works and resides in Berlin, Europe, and remains local in Brooklyn and Los Angeles. 

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