The Girl that Wanted All or Nothing

I still think of you, all these months later.

I think of us relaxing together, holding hands, arms around each other, the strolls through the city with your dog, getting ice cream — all those hours in between hectic days when we could each be happy to just waste time with each other. I imagine your voice and your smile when you would get excited, would describe the littlest things. And your eyes, the way they’d open widely and close tightly. I remember your hand gestures and your body parts and your entire way of being.

I think of the sex, of course, which we were so good at together. I think of how uninhibited you were and all the things we did. Our bodies somehow just fit. I think of our chemistry, and how special it was. And how we’d fall asleep in each others arms and then cuddle in the morning. You know: all the good things.