We Tried Again and Failed

I was apprehensive. You were too. But you said it was chill, that we could meet up casually, and I decided to trust you. I feel guilty now, as if I should have known better. For us both.

We met at a bar in between our places. It was a nice setting. I sat on a comfortable couch, waiting for you. Watching you walk through the door, it was surreal. Like a time machine back to last year. We hugged and it felt good. We smiled. I had a beer and you had wine, then another. I switched to whiskey.

At some point we ran out of things to talk about. I guess we were each thinking of something else… So we addressed it: Should we have sex? First we danced around it, but then I just said, when you asked what I was thinking: “I’m thinking about putting my dick in you.” It was the truth. And I liked how we could be so direct. Maybe it wasn’t the most romantic thing, but still, it was something that we were perhaps craving.

We went back to my place and it felt great. Just like old times, of course. Neither of us knew where it would lead, but I made sure to suggest that it wouldn’t go anywhere serious. You seemed okay with this.