Controlling Sight

Camera shopping. I’ve owned several high-end cameras in my life, but after getting a master’s degree in art photography and owning several expensive cameras, I decided to eschew professional photography and all the hassles that come with it, including bulky equipment. I decided that what really mattered to me was color, composition and personal in-the-moment connection. It’s not actually about the gear in the end, is it?


I’ve been shooting exclusively on my iPhone for the past few years. I simply prioritize portability and convenience when capturing meaningful scenes — the minimalist ‘everyday carry’ in my pocket. The iPhone is good enough in many cases (and better every year, though I still use the 7). As I travel to once-in-a-lifetime places, though, and print larger sizes, it makes sense to own a proper camera again. Some images should look as good as they possibly can. I want to freeze seabirds in sharp silhouette as they fly over oceans, to capture Parisian boulevards as the sun sets beyond them. My pictures yearn for wider angles, less noise, more sharpness. I am a photographer, after all, let’s face it. So let’s see what suits me, with all the recent technological advancements.

I still demand something compact. I simply won’t use something if it’s bulky. There’s some exact ratio between how cumbersome a thing is and how often I’ll leave the house with it. It should also feel easy to use — nothing frustrating or complicated. Overall, the camera should be easy and stylish — a joy to carry around and shoot with. A thing that wants me to use it.

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