Mist Connection

He meets up with friends. Acquaintances, really. Friends of friends. It’s an afternoon house party. Everyone wears black. He chats with the guys; he chats with the girls. He’s offered smiles and gives them back. It’s a nice scene, amiable. He drinks. The girls think he’s flirting. It’s perfectly ambiguous, really. It goes on like this — casual relaxation on a warm day, carefree.

20h. The group goes to a club. They form a circle around a central bench. The girls and guys take turns going to the toilet to do drugs. An outdoor party, techno music and vodka shots and Club Mate. The crowd of curious scenesters slowly growing. It’s light, social, cool — the way being young in Berlin is supposed to feel.

He sees two girls sitting nearby. Strangers. He keeps looking over. One of them keeps looking back at him — an opening. Why not, he thinks. Eventually he takes it, slips out of his circle of friends, out of safe conversation and into something more dangerous — the uncertain welcome of unknown quantities. The girls welcome him next to them. They’re chatty, pleasant. The more outgoing one is German; the shyer one is Turkish. The three of them talk about politics. They get drinks. He sizes them up, wonders what he wants. As of now, he wants nothing, but he remains interested. He integrates them into his group. The guys welcome them.

Everyone gets higher. Flirtations become stronger. Conversation gets deeper, racier, then shallower, meaningless. Hours pass like this. He makes eyes with the Turkish girl, slowly elicits her out of her shell, wonders if anything is there. He flirts more strongly with the German — her stories are outrageous and interesting: a torrid past, crazy sex, complete and utter openness — always titillating. The call to adventure is forever exciting and she seems to promise it. After a trip to the WC together she makes it unambiguous.

The group moves to another club. It’s bigger, louder, more everything. Everyone’s senses are turned up, mixed up, synapses of all sorts firing. There’s more drinks, more drugs, more dancing.