Riding with Anxiety

I’m on the Deutsche Bahn train from Berlin to Warsaw. I purchased a ticket at Ostbahnhof today at noon for a 1st class seat — the only one available — for €70, and only to Poznan, not all the way to Warsaw. The only available ticket direct to Warsaw was another expensive 1st class one leaving at 4:30p, and I wanted to leave earlier, at 12:30p, to get out of Germany and finally to Poland, which I’ve been meaning to visit for years. So I’m on the train.

Never mind that I could have booked a €39 2nd class ticket direct to Warsaw last week, or even a few days ago. I tried to buy it yesterday, once I had finally resolved on a time to leave (Thursday instead of Wednesday, noon instead of later), but the DB website told me that no fares were available. It didn’t say it was sold out — only that tickets cannot be purchased online or on the app so close to the departure date and time. Apparently. Damn the imprecision of ticketing and continued imperfections of technology.

Anyway, I’m on the train now, my laptop connected to my data plan, my apartment ready for the Airbnb guest; I’m lightly packed and ready to explore Poland for the long weekend, rain or shine. Now I’m just not sure what to do about this silly problem. The goal is to get to Warsaw, of course, for which I don’t actually have a ticket.