A picture exhibition by Keith Telfeyan

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I'm lying in bed in cold Berlin - land of the lost in the era of panic. My mind swims in infinite content, warring perspectives in the court of public opinion, an excess of distractions, unnamable frustrations, blood boiling, technology entwined into veins. The world is gas-lighting me. I'm tired but I can't sleep. I'm thinking of my feelings.

Meditation isn't working. Synapses are too fantastic. Music plays in my head and I'm listening, or imagining, living in the nostalgia of a song. 🎵In pitch dark I go walking in your landscape / Broken branches trip me as I speak / Just 'cause you feel it doesn't mean it's there / Just 'cause you feel it doesn't mean it's there 🎵 And I remember, or maybe I'm just dreaming. There there, let the waves take you away...

Some sensations thunder in cumulous horizons. My brain is a cloud. I watch the thoughts pass, watch the sky paint its images. These visions are for me. Things dissipate. The world crashes all at once, all the moods and anxieties. Death and orgasms like sleep. I want peace to bloom. I escape into visions, tell myself pretty stories. If only I could be somewhere else, the place I'm picturing ☁️🌥⛅️🌤


ReTramp Gallery is pleased to present a selected works by Keith Telfeyan. Through still and moving photographic images, Keith's visual practice circles around themes of soul-searching and the sublime. Sky, sea and architecture are prominent characters in his pictures, suggesting something like humankind's search for meaning in a mysterious universe. In w i s h h e r e w e r e y o u, Keith experiments with layout and patterns in a wry attempt for order - an exercise felt futile in a world so messy. This work is imbued with romance - a tender connection as salvation, perhaps. The exhibition takes place in the early winter of 2019, 18-27 of January, with a vernissage on Friday evening, the 18th.

KEITH TELFEYAN received an MFA in New York from Parsons the New School for Design in the field of Photography & Related Media. Time, space and perception are major themes throughout his work. Keith uses the camera to further a meditation practice, aiming at something like spiritual awareness. His sensibilities favor poetic simplicity through color, themes of natural order and minimalism. Keith was born and raised in California and currently lives in Berlin.